About me




       One day I went on a hike in the Maroon Bells Wilderness in Colorado. To save weight I decided to leave my camera behind- never again! It wasn't that I saw anything particularly spectacular that day, however I discovered that I need a camera with me always. It's more than simply taking pictures, it is how I see the world. Creating compositions that capture the beauty around us is something I truly enjoy.  As a result, my day pack, backpacking and hunting packs all weigh 10lbs more and I'm happy to lug the extra weight! 

People have asked me, "Don't you want to put down your camera and enjoy the moment?"  I answer, "Nope! I enjoy most moments more when I can photograph them- strange but true."





More About Me 



I have a loving, wonderful and adventurous wife, Jessie. We have a new baby, our first, her name is Morgan.  We have excellent adventures together!




I have a blue eyed dog, and a very entitled cat. 



We moved from Colorado in 2015, and we now call Montana home! (To be honest it felt like home the first time we visited, and after that no other place would do). 





I love to fish and hunt, in all it variations, and with all manner of gear and weaponry, fly-fish, spin-fish, bow-fish, spear-fish, archery-hunt, rifle-hunt, big game, small game, birds, ducks, geese, elk, deer, bears.